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Which was revealed in Al-Madinah 9239
Meaning of Anfal 19292
The Reason behind revealing Ayah 8:1 10187
Another Reason behind revealing the Ayah 8:1 11769
Qualities of the Faithful and Truthful Believers 9792
(The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts) 8302
Faith increases when the Qur'an is recited 7824
Deeds of Faithful Believers 7575
The Reality of Tawakkul 7982
The Reality of Faith 7328
The Fruits of Perfect Faith 9480
Following the Messenger is Better for the Believers 9745
Muslims invoke Allah for Help, Allah sends the Angels to help Them 14915
Slumber overcomes Muslims 8408
Rain falls on the Eve of Badr 7605
Allah commands the Angels to fight and support the Believers 10507
Fleeing from Battle is prohibited, and its Punishment 10245
Allah's Signs displayed during Badr, And throwing Sand in the Eyes of the Disbelievers 8956
The Response to the Disbelievers Who ask for a Judgement 7192
The Command to obey Allah and His Messenger 9851
The Command to answer and obey Allah and His Messenger 7735
Allah comes in between a Person and His Heart 13090
Warning against an encompassing Fitnah 11168
Reminding Muslims of Their previous State of Weakness and Subjugation which changed into Might ... 7911
Reason behind revealing This Ayah, and the prohibition of Betrayal 12761
The Makkans plot to kill the Prophet , imprison Him or expel Him from Makkah 9069
The Quraysh claimed They can produce Something similar to the Qur'an 6706
The Idolators ask for Allah's Judgment and Torment! 6368
The Presence of the Prophet , and the Idolators asking For forgiveness, were the Shelters against .. 6966
The Idolators deserved Allah's Torment after Their Atrocities 7303
The Disbelievers spend Their Wealth to hinder Others from Allah's Path, but this will only cause ... 10882
Encouraging the Disbelievers to seek Allah's Forgiveness, warning Them against Disbelief 7973
The Order to fight to eradicate Shirk and Kufr 14142
Ruling on the Spoils of War (Ghanimah and Fai ) 17384
Some Details of the Battle of Badr 9749
Allah made each Group look few in the Eye of the Other 8008
Manners of War 6896
The Command for Endurance when the Enemy Engaging 7624
The Idolators leave Makkah, heading for Badr 7168
Shaytan makes Evil seem fair and deceives the Idolators 6949
The Position of the Hypocrites in Badr 6349
The Angels smite the Disbelievers upon capturing Their Souls 9740
Striking Hard against Those Who disbelieve and break the Covenants 9571
Making Preparations for War to strike Fear in the Hearts of the Enemies of Allah 13102
The Command to Facilitate Peace when the Enemy seeks a Peaceful Resolution 7582
Reminding the Believers of Allah's Favor of uniting Them 8441
Encouraging Believers to fight in Jihad; the Good News that a Few Muslims can overcome a Superior En 16129
Pagan Prisoners at Badr were promised better than what They lost, if They become Righteous ... 9550
The Muhajirin and Al-Ansar are the Supporters of One Another 15678
The Believers Who did not emigrate did not yet receive the Benefits of Wilayah 8342
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