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Which was revealed in Makkah 9159
Describing the Qur'an and warning Those Who defy it 9555
Every Prophet was sent with the Language of His People - Guidance or Misguidance follows the ... 8918
Story of Musa and His People 11273
Musa reminded his people about Allah's annals and days and of Allah's favors and bounties 9337
Earlier Nations disbelieved in Their Prophets 6391
Meaning of, "They put Their Hands in Their Mouths 7609
The Argument between the Prophets and the Disbelievers 6949
Disbelievers reject Prophethood because the Messengers were Humans! 8203
Disbelieving Nations threaten Their Messengers with Expulsion 7743
A Parable for the Deeds of the Disbelievers 7399
Proof that Resurrection occurs after Death 7621
Disbelieving Chiefs and Their Followers will dispute in the Fire 8157
Shaytan disowns His Followers on the Day of Resurrection 11647
The Parable of the Word of Islam and the Word of Kufr 12436
Allah keeps the Believers Firm in This Life and in the Hereafter with a Word that stands Firm 11743
The Recompense of Those Who have changed the Blessings of Allah into Disbelief 6859
The Command for Prayer and Charity 7589
Describing Some of Allah's Tremendous Favors 9574
brahim's Supplication to Allah when He brought Isma`il to Makkah 17547
Allah gives Respite to the Disbelievers and is never unaware of what They do 9560
There will be no Respite after the Coming of the Torment 7322
Allah never breaks a Promise 7217
The Condition of the criminals on the Day of Resurrection 8977
Allah states that this Qur'an is a Message for mankind, 5780
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