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Al-Hijr was revealed in Makkah 10146
The Disbelievers will someday wish that They had been Muslims 9977
Every Township has its allotted Time 9769
The Accusation that the Prophet was a Madman and Demands for Him to bring down Angels 9432
The Idolators of Every Nation made a Mockery of their Messengers 7938
The Stubborn Disbelievers will never believe, no matter what Signs and Wonders They see 10007
The Power of Allah and His Signs in the Heavens and on Earth 9864
The Supplies for All Things are with Allah 7136
Benefits of the Winds 7310
Fresh Water is a Blessing from Allah 7573
The Power of Allah to initiate and renew Creation 7329
The Substances from which Mankind and Jinns were created 9192
The creation of Adam, the Command to the Angels to prostrate to Him, and the Rebellion of Iblis 9651
The Expulsion of Iblis from Jannah, and His Reprieve until the Day of Resurrection 9471
The Threat of Iblis to tempt Mankind, and Allah's Promise of Hell for him 8788
The Gates of Hell are Seven 9439
Description of the People of Paradise 9265
The Guests of Ibrahim and their Good News of a Son for Him 7648
The Reason why the Angels came 6234
The Angels coming to Lut 6682
Lut is ordered to leave with His Family during the Night 6950
The People of the City arrive upon the Angels, thinking that they are Men 7135
The Destruction of the People of Lut 6705
The City of Sodom on the Highroad 6718
The Destruction of the Dwellers of Al-Aykah, the People of Shu`ayb 7044
The Destruction of the Dwellers of Al-Hijr, Who are the People called Thamud 7382
The World has been created for some Purpose, then the Hour will come 8410
A Reminder of the Blessing of the Qur'an and the Command to focus on its Message 8843
The Messenger is a Plain Warner 6736
Explanation of "Al-Muqtasimin 10542
The Command to proclaim the Truth openly 7313
The Command to turn away from the Idolators, and the Guarantee of Protection against the Mockers 9556
Encouragement to bear Difficulties, and the Command to glorify and worship Allah until Death 8389
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