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Which was revealed at Makkah 13119
The Qur'an is a Reminder and a Revelation from Allah 14850
A Discussion of the Message of Musa 12713
The First Revelation to Musa 12819
The Stick of Musa turned into a Snake 19172
The Hand of Musa turning White without any Disease 9886
Allah commanded Musa to go to Fir`awn to convey the Message Allah said, 8519
The Supplication of Musa 15536
Glad Tidings of the acceptance of Musa's Supplication and the Reminder of the Previous Blessings 9746
Choosing Musa to go to Fir`awn and to be Soft and Gentle in His Invitation 9423
Musa's fear of Fir`awn and Allah's strengthening Him 7807
Musa admonishes Fir`awn 7400
The Conversation between Musa and Fir`awn 9921
The Completion of Musa's Reply to Fir`awn 7306
Musa showed Fir`awn all of the Signs but He did not believe Concerning Allah's statement, 8583
Fir`awn describes Musa's Proofs as being Magic and Their Agreement to hold a Contest 7824
The Meeting of the Two Parties, Musa's Propagation of the Message and the Magicians 7748
The Competition, Musa's Victory, and the Magician's Faith 7439
The Number of Magicians 7299
Fir`awn's turning against the Magicians, His threatening Them and Their Reply 7422
The Magicians admonish Fir`awn 6847
The Children of Israel leave Egypt 7136
A Reminder for the Children of Israel of 8523
Musa goes to the Appointment with Allah and the Children of Israel succumb to worship the Calf 10205
Harun prohibits them from worship of Calf and the Persistence of the Children of Israel 8124
What happened between Musa and Harun after Musa returned 11190
How As-Samiri made the Calf 13935
The Punishment of As-Samiri and the burning of the Calf Thereupon, 13739
The Entire Qur'an is the Remembrance of Allah and mentioning the Punishment of Those Who turn away 7864
The Blowing of the Sur and the Day of Resurrection 8233
The destruction of the Mountains, and the Earth becomes a Smooth Plain 6250
The People will rush towards the Voice of the Caller 7741
The Intercession and the Recompense 8447
The Qur'an was revealed so that the People would have Taqwa and reflect 6957
The Command to the Prophet to listen to the Qur'an when it is revealed without making haste 9653
The Story of Adam and Iblis 15344
The Descent of Adam to the Earth and the Promise of Good for the Guided and Evil for ... 9422
Severe Torment for Him Who transgresses beyond bounds 7601
Many Nations were destroyed and in Them is a Lesson 7468
The Command to be patient and perform the Five daily Prayers 8775
Do not look at the Enjoyment of the Wealthy, be patient in the worship of Allah 9108
The Request of the Polytheists for Proofs while the Qur'an is itself a Proof 6632
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