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Which was revealed in Makkah 8716
Another Version of this Hadith 9349
Condemnation of the Followers of the Shaytan 8582
Evidence of the Resurrection in the creation of Man and of Plants 6965
The Development of the Nutfah and Embryo in the Womb 8463
Man's Development from Infancy to Old Age His saying; 8989
Another Parable of the Resurrection from Plants 8073
Clarifying the State of the Leaders of the Innovators and Those Who lead People astray 8635
The meaning of worshipping Allah as it were upon the edge 9360
The Reward of the Righteous 7149
Allah will definitely help His Messenger 7985
Allah will judge between the Sects on the Day of Resurrection 7446
Everything prostrates to Allah 9181
The Reason for Revelation 9685
The Punishment of the Disbelievers 8200
The Reward of the Believers 7585
A Warning to Those Who hinder Others from the Path of Allah and from Al-Masjid Al-Haram and Who seek 7594
The Issue of renting Houses in Makkah 6854
A Warning to Those Who want to commit Evil Actions in the Haram 8111
Building of the Ka`bah and the Proclamation of the Hajj 13934
The Reward for avoiding Sin 6833
Cattle are Lawful 6460
The Command to shun Shirk and Lying 8472
Explanation of the Udhiyyah and the Sha`a'ir of Allah 7008
The Benefits of the Sacrificial Camels 6970
Rites of Sacrifice have been prescribed for every Nation in the World 7277
The Command to slaughter the Budn (Sacrificial Camel) 9142
The Goal of the Udhiyyah (Sacrifice) according to Allah is the Sincerity and Taqwa of His Servant 7967
Good News of Allah's Defence for the Believers 8587
Permission to fight; this is the first Ayah of Jihad 13589
The Duties of the Muslims when They attain Power 8860
The Consequences for the Disbelievers 7521
The Disbelievers Demand for the Punishment 6388
The Recompense of the Righteous and the Unrighteous 8320
How the Shaytan threw some Falsehood into the Words of the Messengers, and how Allah abolished ... 10097
The Disbelievers will remain in Doubt and Confusion 6840
The Great Reward for Those Who migrate in the Cause of Allah 9989
The Creator and Controller of this World is Allah 6672
Signs of the Power of Allah 10525
Every Nation has its Religious Ceremonies 7333
Allah tells us how perfect is His knowledge of His creation, and that He encompasses all that ... 7013
The Idolators' worship of others besides Allah and Their vehement rejection of the Ayat of Allah 7815
The insignificance of the Idols and the foolishness of their Worshippers 8375
Allah chooses Messengers from the Angels and Messengers from Mankind 9344
The Command to worship Allah and engage in Jihad 7578
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