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Which was revealed in Makkah 14726
The Story of Musa and Fir`awn, and what Allah intended for Their Peoples 14400
How Musa's Mother was inspired and shown what to do 14278
Musa, peace be upon him, in the House of Fir`awn 13268
The intense Grief of Musa's Mother, and how He was returned to Her 16315
How Musa killed a Coptic Man 16843
How the Secret of this Killing became known 13851
Musa, peace be upon him, in Madyan, and how He watered the Flocks of the Two Women 17788
Musa, the Father of the Two Women, and His Marriage to One of Them 18732
Musa's Return to Egypt and how he was honored with the Mission and Miracles on the Way 14938
How Musa asked for the Support of His Brother and was granted that by Allah 13611
Musa before Fir`awn and His People 10680
The Arrogance of Fir`awn and His ultimate Destiny 10718
The Blessings which Allah bestowed upon Musa 10006
Proof of the Prophethood of Muhammad 12174
The stubborn Response of the Disbelievers 9651
The Rebellious do not believe in Miracles 9044
False Accusation that Musa and Harun (peace be upon them both) practiced Magic 9213
The Response to this False Accusation 11676
The Believers among the People of the Book 13533
Allah guides Whom He wills 19119
The Excuses made by the People of Makkah for not believing, and the Refutation of Their Excuses 10184
The Destruction of Towns, which are not destroyed until Evidence is established against Them 12947
This World is transient and the One Whose concern is this World is not equal to the One Whose concer 10458
The Idolators and Their Partners and the Emnity between Them in the Hereafter 11057
Allah Alone is the One Who has the Power of Creation, Knowledge and Choice 10505
Night and Day are among the Blessings of Allah and are Signs of Tawhid 9219
Rebuking the Idolators 10968
Qarun and His People's exhortation 16995
Allah informs us how Qarun responded to the exhortations of his people when they sought to guide him 11157
How Qarun went forth in His Finery, and His People's Comments 10702
His People learned a Lesson from Him being swallowed up 10250
How Qarun and His Dwelling Place were swallowed up by the Earth 10277
The Blessings of the Hereafter for the humble Believers 11493
The Command to convey the Message of Tawhid 10453
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