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Which was revealed in Makkah 9790
The Idolators were amazed at the Message, Tawhid and the Qur'an 8211
The Reason for the Revelation of These Ayat 13257
A Reminder of Those Who were destroyed among the Previous Nations 8776
Allah tells us that His servant and Messenger Dawud, peace be upon him, was endued with power 11448
The Story of the Two Litigants 10879
The Sajdah in Surah Sad 14659
Advice to Rulers and Leaders 12894
The Wisdom behind the Creation of This World 10224
Sulayman the Son of Dawud 12996
How Allah tested Sulayman then made Things easy for Him 15442
Ayyub 14468
The Chosen and the Best among the Prophets 8113
The Final Return of the Blessed 8121
The Final Return of the Doomed 6815
The Disputes of the People of Hell 8719
The Message of the Messenger is a Great News 11170
The Story of Adam and Iblis 18780
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