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The Virtues of Surat Al-Hadid 29738
Everything that exists glorifies Allah and mentioning some of His Attributes 23297
Allah's Knowledge, Power and Kingdom are Limitless 17908
Ordering Faith and encouraging spending 13564
The Virtues of spending and fighting before the Conquest of Makkah 12440
The Encouragement to make a Handsome Loan in the Cause of Allah 15008
The Believers are awarded a Light on the Day of Resurrection, according to Their Good Deeds 11614
The Condition of the Hypocrites on the Day of Resurrection 15234
Encouraging Khushu` and the Prohibition of imitating the People of the Scriptures 14196
Reward for the Charitable, the True Believers and the Martyrs; and the Destination of the Disbelieve 14157
This Life of this World is Fleeting Enjoyment 18707
Everything that affects Mankind, is duly measured and destined 10964
Ordering Patience and Gratitude 14105
Censuring the Stinginess 11740
The Prophets were given Miracles and Sent with truth and Justice 9842
The Benefits of Iron 14022
Many of the Nations of the Prophets were Rebellious 11819
The Believers of the People of the Scriptures will earn Double their Rewards 10134
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