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Which was revealed in Makkah 15399
The Explanation of the Pen Concerning 17048
Swearing by the Pen refers to the Greatness of the Prophet 12780
The Explanation of the Statement: "Verily, You are on an Exalted Character.'' 18072
Prohibition of giving in to the Pressure of the Disbelievers and Their Suggestions, and that They li 15284
A Parable of the Removal of the Earnings of the Disbelievers 12611
The Terror of the Day of Judgement 12666
For Whoever denies the Qur'an 10209
The Command to be Patient and to refrain from being Hasty like Yunus was 8492
The Effect of the Evil Eye is Real 12829
The Hadith of Abu Umamah As`ad bin Sahl bin Hunayf 9270
The Hadith of Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri 7809
Another Hadith from Abu Sa`id Imam 7045
Another Hadith from Abu Sa`id 7168
The Hadith of Asma' bint `Umays 7822
The Hadith of `A'ishah 7590
The Hadith of `Amir bin Rabi`ah 7999
The Accusation of the Disbelievers and the Reply to Them 7169
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